Monday, August 23, 2010

AUG 23 2010

Ok, so its been way too long since I've posed anything on here. Now I have no idea where to start.

I guess the big things are the machines, the new car, and some paintings, so I'll go in that order

So I've never really had a great collection of tattoo machines, and have always loved them. In the last few months I've gotten my hands on some great machines, some I bought, and some I traded for.

Aaron has been one of my favorite artist for the last 18 years, so I'm stoked to have gotten to trade some art with him.
These are the machines I got from Aaron, they run as great as they look

This one I was lucky enough to have Aaron let me sit in on building it with him, and he let me carve the side plate.

This is what I traded for

Seth has been making some of the best tattoo machines in the business for over a decade, he made these for me, the run great, and look amazing, I'll be getting more from him soon!

Soba, and Workhorse Irons are one of the best suppliers to tattooers in the word today. I've been friends with Soba for over 10 years now, and finally traded some art with him.

In return I did this

I've never met Mike, but have heard great things about his zappers, and picked up a pair

Ever since I was kid playing punch buggy I have always wanted a bug.
THE GRINCH is my '57 oval

This last one is my sister in law 

Well I've been painting as much as I can, but find myself ether wanting to hang out in the workshop, or with the kids

I did these on trade a few years ago, however I never got my painting out of the deal, so the guy gave them back, I sold them

I also did a small run of prints of them, 25 sets, available on my SITE $150 a set
Some other stuff

I'm doing a matching girl to go with the SHERIFF and I'll have a small run of prints

I did this for Fip at AVALON 2


Ok, so I've been working on machines myself, this is my workshop, and the first machines I've made

So this was the first one I made, the geometry was a little off, so I scraped it

So this first 8 worked out well, there light, and they run great. now I have an idea how the tools work, I'll start really developing my own style of machine

If your interested in machines, please email me HERE

I got a small spread of paintings in TATTOO MAGAZINE